Yiwesley Methodist Church

This project required waterproofing a complex 430m2 roof with various elements, including upstands and posts.
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This project required waterproofing a complex 430m2 roof with various elements, including upstands and posts.


This project required waterproofing a complex 430m2 roof withvarious elements, including upstands and posts. The solutionneeded to be durable, weatherproof, and provide an anti-skidsurface for safety.

Kingsley Roofing London (KRL) employed the MOY Enke LiquidSystem, a high-performance, seamless liquid applied membrane.This case study details the meticulous steps taken to ensure asuccessful and lasting waterproof barrier.


Our team faced the task of revamping a sizeable 430m² roof, ensuring optimal waterproofing and resilience. We needed a solution that delivered both performance and efficiency.

The prepared surface received a thorough application of MOY SAVCL Primer using a roller, ensuring optimal adhesion for the subsequent layers. Paratherm G, tissue-faced, P.I.R. insulation boards were installed providing excellent thermal efficiency and astable base for the waterproofing system.

The top surface of the insulation boards was primed with the MOY dedicated primer, followed with a continuous base layer of MOY Enke Waterproof Coating, ensuring a seamless, water tight foundation. Then the MOY Enke Reinforcing Fabric was strategically laid ensuring complete embedment, this strengthened the membrane and improved its tear resistance. The coating was allowed to cure, becoming rainproof within 30minutes.

The final step involved applying MOY Enke Waterproof Coating to create an anti-skid surface finish for enhanced safety and traction.

By meticulously applying the MOY Enke Liquid System and following strict procedures, KRL successfully delivered a durable, weatherproof, and anti-skid roof solution for this 430m2 project.

This case study demonstrates KRL's commitment to quality, innovation, and providing reliable waterproofing solutions for complex roofing applications.



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