Cambridge Military Hospital

This project aims to transform a Grade II listed collection of Victorian and Edwardian buildings into 140 elegant new homes.

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Weston Homes' "Aldershot Urban Extension Scheme" is breathing new life into a remarkable piece of history. This project aims to transform a Grade II listed collection of Victorian and Edwardian buildings into 140 elegant new homes.

This case study delves into Kingsley's meticulous approach to marrying historical integrity with modern roofing solutions.
From intricate slating on heritage structures to efficient flat roof solutions and specialised hard metals work, KRS’ expertise ensures both historical accuracy and functionality.


Maintaining the cultural integrity of the site is paramount. The team meticulously assesses each building, the scope includes slating, flat roof installation, and specialist hard metals work.

Employing traditional slating techniques and materials that seamlessly blend with the existing architecture.

This meticulous approach ensures the project's historical significance remains intact while introducing crucial upgrades.

Beyond aesthetics, Kingsley prioritises performance and safety. The team implemented advanced waterproofing systems on both slates and flat roofs, guaranteeing long-term protection from the elements.

Additionally, our commitment to stringent health and safety standards ensures a secure environment for both the site team and the surrounding tradesmen and community.

This project exceeds the replacement of roofs. It signifies a dedication to preserving historical heritage while injecting modern living standards.

This case study highlights Kingsley Roofing Southern's ability to seamlessly blend historical preservation with modern expertise, making us a trusted partner in ambitious and complex projects such as theWellesley Urban Extension.


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