The Hawthornes School

This project presented a challenge of refurbishing the roof of a historic building while preserving its character and ensuring modern functionality.

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This project presented a challenge of refurbishing the roof of a historic building while preserving its character and ensuring modern functionality. The Kingsley Roofing Southern team rose to the occasion, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern materials and techniques, all whilst maintaining client satisfaction and minimal disruption to the School’s
staff and students


The heart of the project lay in the pitched roof section. Kingsley installed Keymer clay hand plain tiles in a standard Elizabethan color and finish. These tiles, renowned for their durability, seamlessly integrated with the existing architecture. To further enhance the historical accuracy, Kingsley employed double courses at the eaves and half-round ridges, ensuring a cohesive and elegant aesthetic.

Beneath the traditional clay tiles, Kingsley implemented a series of modern advancements to guarantee the roof's long-term performance. Treated sawn softwood battens and counter-battens provided a robust support structure, while Kingspan K107 phenolic foam insulation offered superior thermal efficiency. Additionally, breathable underlay and strategically placed Klober tile vents ensured proper ventilation and moisture management, safeguarding the roof from potential damage.

The project also included a flat roof section. Kingsley utilised their expertise in built-up felt systems to create a watertight and durable surface. A Soprema system with PIR tapered insulation and VCL ensured proper drainage and minimised ponding. Further, pebble-over finishing provided additional protection against weather elements. In areas with central gutters, a direct-to-deck Soprema system with lead saddles offered a seamless and functional solution.

The team also installed a sleek powder-coated aluminum coping system, adding a modern touch while maintaining the overall aesthetic. Swaged downpipes and box gutters, also finished in powder-coated aluminum, completed the project, offering both functionality and visual appeal.

This project serves as a testament to Kingsley Roofing's versatility and unwavering commitment to quality. By working closely with the client and other specialists, Kingsley delivered a project that not only met but exceeded expectations.


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